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in new hampshire or north dakota. >> we are gaining on them. >> what about housing for amtrak or the post office? ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. john: did you go to the post office website? we do. since then franklin was appointed the first postmaster the post office has grown and changed with america. patriotic. it has grown so much it loses billions of tax dollars. change for america? not so much. it is a government monopoly they don't change your innovate like president -- the president. that is in the constitution but it says they shall have the power to establish and does not say government must deliver the mail. so why are we still losing money with the mail business? make the country have been on the board six years? we're losing billions of dollars. >> note taxpayer dollars have been lost. note tax
in the central valley. 40 people were injured when a big rig collided with a amtrak train along the amtrak line. the big rig struck the train where the tracks cross kansas avenue. ktvu's kara cara liu has more -- cara liu has more. >> reporter: one of the victims heard screams and crying before the accident. a big rig slams into the train about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. you could see the derailed training leaning. she was in a second car, she says she was returning home after visiting hayward. she says she wasn't seriously hurt but it was scary when the train started tipping. >> you couldn't see anything. it was just all dusty and, you know, you are breathing in the dirt. people start coughing, screaming, crying. it was horrible. >> reporter: that train left oakland about 7:30 a.m. this morning. folks on other trains this afternoon say they got a call from amtrak telling them about the derailment and saying they would have to be bussed. >> i take amtrak all the time, this is the first time anything like this happened. it is unnerving. >> reporter: 40 people have been taken to the hospital. amt
to find another way to get in. amtrak canceled its northeast corridor service. other local mass transit systems are planning to shut down today. >> all three d.c. area airports will stay open. they have already cancelled hundreds of flights out of dull es bwi and national airport. be sure to call ahead if you have a flight. she continues our team coverage. we are talking about traces of rain already. >> absolutely. good morning to you. the biggest concern was going to be storm surge. they will continue to monitor that over the next 24. the water coming over the sea wall. that is the concern. we are at 17th and the boardwalk. anything south of that is part of the mandatory evacuation zone. they have to get out of here as quickly as possible. the wind has been whipping hard this morning. this is not the beginning of what we are going to feel in ocean city. the water is now coming closer. this is something we have been monitoring. we are the brink of the area they are evaluating. they are trying to keep everybody's safe, knowing the first responders will not be able to get them in the case
on amtrak had to endure more suffering as the power outage shut down northbound rail service. long lines, delays and cancellations lay waited them at baltimore -- awaited them at baltimore's penn station. after about six hours amtrak dusted off some diesel powered trains to restore partial service. >> we can't get home using amtrak, can't get home using the transportation that i've already paid for. >> by early afternoon amtrak had restored service to two of the three northbound lains. work continued above the third. >>> hang matters worse for commuters, 95 near tidings bridge was shut down for most of the day. it happened southbound. the lanes are back open. two of the three lanes are back up and running as well. >> feel bad for those yankees fans. >>> those amtrak delays may have kept them from getting pack to new york but it did not stop jamie costello and christian schaffer. jamie and christian are in new york following the o's as they get ready for game three. >> right now it's 55 degrees and evercast. tomorrow 66 degrees but we'll get the game. if you're driving in from baltimore,
anytime soon? i'll be back with the answer soon. >> terrifying moments for passengers on board an amtrak train headed from oakland to bakersfield. a big rig slammed into a train injuring at least 20 passengers. it a happened in the kings county after the train made a scheduled stop. >> it was shaking and you knew something was wrong. >> that man and 170 others on board felt the impact when a tractor-trailer loaded with cotton debris slammed into train this afternoon. the train kept rolling along the track and then two passenger coaches and locomotive derailed. >> we hit something and the girl across from me flew across the seated into my lap. >> rescuers found pieces of truck inside the train cars, luggage and other items from the train littered the farmland alongside the tracks. >> i seen people with broken arms and broken legs. scratches on their backs. elaborates looking like dirt balls, dirt in their ears. >> some witnesses say the automated gates at the crossing were down when the train passed. >> initially from witnesses, they say the arms weren't down but as you know we will do an
concerning train travel in our area and points north. >> amtrak still has service suspended from washington, d.c. to wilmington, delaware, due to power lines down on the tracks in northeast maryland. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at union station with the passenger fallout. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. it looks like this is going to cause quite a disruption along the northeast corridor. we don't know exactly how long the outage has been going on. the first tweet sent out by amtrak was at 4:30 this morning. we're trying to find out when the power lines came down that's essentially shut down service between washington and wilmington. here's what's happened now, any southbound trains on the northeast regional or the acela heading south from boston and other points north, the northeast regional is going to philadelphia, it will either let off passengers or turn around and go back. acela is going to wilmington and passengers will have to get off there and turn around. the passengers that were supposed to come to washington basically are having to figure out whether they're
a stall blocking. >>> train tracks in the central valley closed following amtrak crash and derailment, amtrak hoped to have the tracks back open by 5 a.m., that has not happened. video shows the scene in kings county. let's go to kira klapper. >> reporter: as you mentioned that deadline came and went a spokesperson only saying that deadline to reopen damaged tracks in the central valley has been pushed to "later this morning." that's all they are saying this after yesterday's crash that lead to this scene, big rig driver failing to yield, hitting an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and the locomotive off the tracks. 20 of the roughly 170 passengers traveling from oakland to bakersfield suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the cab, was removed safely and wasn't seriously injured. investigators state crash happened at a crossing that does have gates to stop traffic. >> initial reports to us from witnesses state the arms were down as you know we will do an extensive investigation and determine that. >
news. a power outage is causing big delays on amtrak. megan mcgrath is live at union station with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. on folks headed out of union station heading to points north like new york city and boston, their day off to a rocky start because of this power outage. now, it's primarily affecting amtrak service, although we are seeing an impact to mark service north of baltimore as well. as for amtrak, the 448 acela express to boston as cancelled, the 5:30 northeast regional was cancelled also the express to new york. that gate is listed as closed. we have the 6:30 regional to newark cancelled so we're seeing big delays, big cancellations and inconveniences to travelers headed on amtrak points north from union station this morning. we did speak to a commuter who had a 9:30 meeting in new york city. he looked up at the board here and saw his train was not going to be leaving and so he's scrambling to try to figure out another way to get to that meeting this morning. mark train also points north of baltimore impacted. they have crews working on
. >> amtrak is guilty of overlooking drug and alcohol use by employees. amtrak and please feel the test at a 51% higher rate than the real industry average. drug and alcohol use by amtrak employees has steadily risen since 2006. a majority of the employees tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. >> if you purchase medications online, a new campaign from the fda says it could be getting fake, expired or even toxic medication. the fda says nearly one in four customers purchased prescription medications on line and says it is pretty risky. less than 3 percent of my pharmacies' meet state and federal laws. a warning, if the price seems too good to be true, you know the old saying, it probably is. >>brian: what a day around the bay area. some temperatures in the '80s and '90s. this is coyote point inn at san mateo. how often do you see this? 80 degrees right now in san francisco. it is 8:20 p.m.. for tonight warm temperatures for the evening with no fog in the forecast. it is going to remain clear even at the close. it will cool down as we get towards morning. it will warm up pretty quic
. nick james on how passengers describe the impact. >> reporter: amtrak panic as families initially feared the worst. the chp says this big rig carrying cotton trash drove right through the crossing arms, despite the bells and warning lights, broadsiding the train. half a mile after impact, the amtrak came screeching off the tracks. they worried that the train caught fire in the first few terrifying moments. firefighters rushed to the scene south of fresno. some were treated here, but many were rushed to the hospital with injuries, described as bumps, bruises, breaks. nothing life threatening. >> people were jumping out of the train as fast as they could. other people were helping them get out of the train. they assisted people getting out of the train as well. >> reporter: the amtrak carrying 169 passengers were bound for bakersfield from oakland with a stop in sacramento. those who weren't hurt were taken by bus loads to a nearby train station and sent on their way. meanwhile the big rig driver suffered moderate to major injuries. they still don't know why he didn't stop. >> i mea
:00. >>> 4:55. big jump in ridership for amtrak. rail line carried more than 31 million in the fiscal year that just ended the most in amtrak's 41 year history and 50% increase over the year 2000. ticket revenue jumped to two billion dollars, 7% increase. republicans in congress trying hard to end federal subsidies to amtrak calling the service slow and inefficient. they say private industry could do better. >>> experimental drug paid by eli lilly is showing hope for people with early stage alzheimer's. there is concern about the long term benefit of the drug. researchers say it may not be enough to win approval from the fda. they say it shows they are on the right track. >>> the overall u.s. economy may be weak but where the beer index is concerned, we are the super power to beat. the beer index is the amount of time you have to spend on-the-job to afford to buy a beer. swiss bank surveyed hourly wages and average prices at liquor stores in 150 countries and found u.s. workers only need five minutes earnings to buy a beer. that equals 96 beers per eight hour workday or 480 beers on an ave
y amtrak buscan poner fin al trafico humano... " esta en todas partes porque es un crimen oculto, por eso es importante esta union para incrementar el numero de personal capacitado para erradicar estas operaciones ilicitas" estaran preparados.... listos para identificar...intervenir y rescatar a victimas de trafico humano... mas de ocho mil empleados y policias de amtrak seran capacitados... "conductores de trenes, personal abordo y en las estaciones de amtrak en toda nuestra red nacional seran parte de este esfuerzo" las victimas son abusadas y explotadas.. trabajan largas horas..y sin pago...y bajo condiciones deplorables... "ese problema de trafico humano es un problema muy grande que afecta los inmigrantes nuevos mucho, que estan aqui para trabajar, estan aqui para mejorar su vida y sufren tanto abuso" esta abogada dice que mayormente las mujeres son obligadas a prostituirse... "trafico humano de mujeres para ese negocio de sexo es comun y yo creo que es mas dificil en trabajar en contra porque esas mujeres son escondidas y tienen mucho miedo" actualmente, el departamento de
. >> terrifying moments for passengers on board an amtrak train headed from oakland to bakersfield. a big rig slammed into a train injuring at least 20 passengers. it a happened in the kings county after the train made a scheduled stop. >> it was shaking and you knew something was wrong. >> that man and 170 others on board felt the impact when a tractor-trailer loaded with cotton debris slammed into train this afternoon. the train kept rolling along the track and then two passenger coaches and locomotive derailed. >> we hit something and the girl across from me flew across the seated into my lap. >> rescuers found pieces of truck inside the train cars, luggage and other items from the train littered the farmland alongside the tracks. >> i seen people with broken arms and broken legs. scratches on their backs. elaborates looking like dirt balls, dirt in their ears. >> some witnesses say the automated gates at the crossing were down when the train passed. >> initially from witnesses, they say the arms weren't down but as you know we will do an extensive investigation to determine that. >> the t
are closed and federal workers are told to stay home. amtrak has cancelled it's southeast service. we want to get straight to meteorologist on where hurricane sandy is now. >> the one thing folks have been hearing about this for days and it is just beginning. here are the headlines that i want everybody to focus on. the storm is beginning the worst of it around the washington area, that is the rains and wind t. flooding will be tomorrow and the flood risk will continue for several days from small streems but also as winds kick into the south for folks around the bay. this is for several days. toveble travel decruppingses they will be continuing and the power outages because the leaves are coming down, those may only be moderate and i will see our winds kicking from the northwest as this storm moves by. here is the regional radar and i can show you what's going on. that ban you can get an idea these tropical rain bans, there is the outer circulation of sandy and it is certainly still a hurricane. meanwhile look at new york city, those are the area
susquehanna. amtrak reopen the tracks. jeff? >> reporter: the outage began soon after the orioles won game two, leaving many of the bronx bombers on hold in their return home. if you blinked, you might have missed one of the trains headed toward baltimore. >> are you guys going to new york? >> yes. you're not taking the train. >> reporter: as it shifts back to new york, many yankees fans had to shift as well with long lines, delays and cancellations. >> just coming here to find out. i was here for the two games. i'm looking at the board and see trains are canceled. >> reporter: marcia boarded at 8:45 in the evening and then forwarded in the morning. >> they told us the electrical is -- all trains are delayed between here and new york because aberdeen maryland, between aberdeen and delaware, power outage, so if you notice, everything in there is delayed. >> reporter: marc tranes continued running. they began running a limited service, in the soon enough for a yankees fan coming off of a loss. >> coming here it's usually yankees fans taking over the ballpark. now it's in the like th
heav rain and winds. amtrak is already cancelling some service tonight as the storm getscloser. grocery shelves are empty. good evening, i'm chris gordon. we have team coverage of sandy tonight from throughout the d.c. metro area to rehoboth beach. we begin with storm team four doug kammerer with the latest on sandy's track. >> we have the latest track out there chris, that track brings it very close to our region and once again, the forecast not real letter changing all that much. the forecasts have been very good over the past couple days on when this storm is going to be going. you can see where it is right now, just off the coast of georgia here, here's savannah georgia, it's due east of savannah georgia. it's still a hurricane. the national hurricane center thought this would be a tropical storm, it's still a hurricane, still holding on, we're seeing strong wind as long the north carolina coast line. here's the winds, 75 mes an hour. moving to the northeast at 14 miles an hour. it continues to strengthen. the track taking it back out and then right back into shore. very close to ou
of the second crash that happened 17 miles northeast of the afternoon crash, the amtrak train crash. that train left this oakland amtrak station at 7:30 this morning. now it was just about an hour away from its bakersfield destination when that crash happened. a semi tractor-trailer rig plowing into the side of the tra train leaving that train in a piece of metal. it is equipped with warning lines and gates and the mechanical arms at that crossing were down and in good working order at the time of the crash. dozens of people were hurt but no serious injuries among the 169 passengers and four crew members on board. we spoke with a man who said he almost took that train and we talked with passengers who were on board describing it as quite the squacare. >> i thought a bomb went off. today's day in age, you just wonder. i got this force on the side of my head and my arm. and it knocked me sideways to my left and covered in dirt and insulation and you couldn't see anything. >> i feel blessed. i feel like god had a hand in it absolutely. it wouldn't do me good to be stranded any way. this is a bette
disappeared yesterday. two other men made it to shore safely. >>> an amtrak train out of oakland derailed this afternoon after it was hit by a big rig in the central valley. 42 people were taken to hospitals complaining of injury. amtrak says the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members from oakland to bakers field when the truck pushed through the crossing bars and hit the train. passengers on the train were terrified and we spoke to one woman on board who described a chaotic scene. >> you couldn't see anything it was just all dusty and you know you're breathing in all that dirt. and you know people start coughing and i mean screaming, crying. and it was horrible. >> reporter: all of the injuries from today's crash were said to be minor. four years ago at this same location 33 people were injured when an amtrak train was struck by a truck carrying lemons. we will go live for an update on theinvestigation that is still under way at this hour. >>> about three hours after today's crash there was a second incident involving a train not far away. investigators say a hay truck
sunshine around the bay mid 80s to mid 90s inland 93 to 101. >>> developing news this just in from amtrak crews hoped to have the tracks open now following that crash and derailment in the central valley. kira klapper is in oakland. are they going to meet that reopening timeline? >> reporter: they sure are. now amtrak's spokes people are saying the opening will be later this morning. very vague from that 5 a.m. deadline they had originally hoped for. we have video from yesterday's crash when a big rig driver failed to yield and hit an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and locomotive off the tracks, 20 of the 170 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the car, removed and somehow wasn't seriously injured. investigators say the crash happened at a crossing equipped with gates to stop traffic. >> initial reports to us from witnesses state the -- [ inaudible ] we will do an extensive investigation and determine that one way or the other. >> reporter: while the investigation continues so do final re
rksz disgusting acts. >> sandusky plans to file an appeal within ten days. >> amtrak canceled trains and delayed others because of downed power lines. amtrak completely suspended service between d.c. and delaware. megan mcgrath is live at union station with the latest. hey, megan. >> reporter: good morning, keith. we have seen improvement in the situation, that's the good news. crews have been able to open up one of the northbound tracks and trains are running and running up to speed on that track. the second track in the northbound direction, still working on it. it's still closed. we are seeing a mixed bag. some trains headed north to new york and boston are getting through. others are not. the 11 a.m. to the big aping was canceled. the northeast regional to new york, two minutes later, that one is getting through. it's a mixed bag at this point. it was not the case this morning when we saw cancellations across the board. >> north of baltimore due to a power outage. >> reporter: abrupt change of plans for many taking amtrak out of union station this morning. they arrived luggage in
that transportation will be shut down including amtrak in the northeast corridor. >> i have not heard about intra-. >> -- i had not heard about amtrak. >> thousands are already in the dark. many more could lose power tonight. >> bge is reporting more than 60,000 customers are without power. the number of bge customers without power is above 6700. they have restored service to close to 30,000 customers already. that is great news. bucket trucks cannot work in wind more than 25 miles an hour. >> you should report any power outage. you can call them of this number. do not assume your neighbors have reported outages. they were saying they are being careful with their crews. they cannot use those trucks in win over 25 miles an hour. they also have to have food and rest to work safely. it is very dangerous to work in the dark. >> to find out about conditions in baltimore city, and we will check in with kai. >> i have been trying to come up with the word to describe how bad the wind is. it has picked up in the last five or 10 minutes. i came up with wicked wind. it is really bad. we're standing in the s
: the report from the scene is 20 people were injured. according to amtrak none of the injuries were life threatening but they are not sure how serious the injuries were and they don't know what time the tracks will reopen but they plan to bus people till the tracks are cleared. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you are looking for information on passengers, go to, then click on the tab. >>> this afternoon the albany unified school district confirmed a teacher who was arrested for lewd contact has died and it appears it was a suicide. the district says it received word of james izumizaki's death this morning from the sherriff's department. the teacher was accused of having a relationship with a former student who was under 14 at the time. they say counselors rill be able -- will be available for students tomorrow. >>> the search continues for two fisherman missing off the san mateo county. they fell into the water yesterday morning when their boat over turned near pigeon point south of half moon bay. they were four on board the boat. the other two men were wearing life jac
for the first time since 2003. marc, vre, also all closed today. and amtrak service in the northeast corridor shut down today as well. >> most of the students in our area are also getting the day off today. all major public school systems in d.c., maryland, and virginia are closed this morning as well as all private schools in the area. you can find a complete list of school and business closings running at the bottom of your screen as well as online at >> let's get to storm team meteorologist tom kierein here. what's the latest? >>> we've got moderate to heavy rain about to move into the metro area. be prepared for that. stay inside. stay with us at nbc 4. we'll keep you fully informed. it is still a huge hurricane. taking a turn to the north. all day yesterday it was moving northeast. now taking a turn to the north. it is swinging in heavy rains into the eastern shore, southeastern virginia, eastern north carolina. this has been going on the last couple of hours. we've seen the rain really picking up in intensity. here's the latest track. track does still look like it's g
in and out of the washington region. there was no amtrak and marc service and most flights out of our three major ain'ts were canceled. fox 5 -- airports were canceled. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: inside the airport this morning there was no ambiguity on the boards, raiding the rails was not meant to be -- riding the rails was not meant to be. >> i got a voice message from amtrak outside of alexandria, virginia, that i couldn't get home from washington to chicago. i could have stayed in orlando. >> reporter: it's got to be very frustrating. >> it is frustrating and i'm missing halloween, so i'm unhappy. >> reporter: tony murray is not the only one. other passengers have been stranded here since sunday night wait for word when amtrak will re-- waiting for word when amtrak will resume service. you've been here two days with nothing to do. >> walk to the door to see the rain and wind and come back in and just make friends with people that are going through the same thing that i'm going through. >> reporter: both women said information was scarce. at national airport te
angeles bureau. >> good evening, a semi tractor-trailer drove into an amtrak train south of fresno causing the last three cars on the train to derail. the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members bound for bakersfield from oakland. more than 40 people were taken to hospitals. fortunately, the sheriff's department said there were no serious injuries. while the authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. it happened at a gated crossing that has been the site of collisions before. now, back to brian williams. >>> first monday in october. that means first day of the new supreme court term when we learn which of all the cases that will affect our lives the court has agreed to decide or cast aside. our man at the court pete williams says to expect big decisions on voting rights, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. the justices today refused to hear a claim that those airport full-body scanners allow the tsa to see too much of us. some notable departures in the news tonight, beginning with james burke. widely agreed to be among the most effective ceos of the mod
tuesday. . >>> dozens of people were hurt after an amtrak train derailed what amtrak is doing to get passengers around that crash. and a celebration is on in the east bay for the a's, they are now officially in the playoffs, it is all ahead on the khou channel 11 news. >>> right now we are sitting at a very balmy 68 degrees and here we go out of the gate, temperatures will trash tomorrow and take a look, 90s to 100, here is sal. >>> traffic is off to a doesn't start -- decent start, as you can see it is doing well, and on 24 it looks
cars there, period. >> very true. >> next, how amtrak hopes to get you onboard by slashing fares. >> race against the clock to complete new western span of the bay bridge. >>> plus, important warning about supplements for weight loss and health. why the feds want to get the it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. >>> welcome back. happy hump day. still hot east bay valleys, low to mid 90s. 70s around the bay, 60s to 70s coast. the key to the forecast at the coast, going to be warm this morning, cooler during the afternoon. great falls 42° the high today starting to warm up to our east, 70s and 80s throughout most of the east bay shore. a lot of delays, laguardia, newark, philadelphia, balt
for amtrak that story straight ahead. we're following live pictures out of our beta colorado were police are searching bore a missing tenure who have more on this story. >> and were back 6: 26 amtracs is the high prices of gas are the reason why they sought a hike in passenger riders. amtrak says july was their best month ever. here in california to train set new records >> the shots for back pain the stair rods shots that were tainted ta second firm has temporarily agreed to shut down for inspection is run by the same executives who ran the massachusetts firms. slaughter governor rick scott get a phone sex hot line number to floridians seeking information on that deadly fungal meningitis outbreak. he was providing updates to the cabinet meeting when he announced the toll-free number for this he gets out the wrong number. the governor was quickly notified that that number was a sex hot line. loopo oops >> and we're back the time now 629 a m in your looking at live pictures at the new york stock exchange on the left and on the right the nasdaq as we're hearing the opening bell. for tradi
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. if you have to rebook, you should not have to pay a penalty. amtrak also canceling service up and down the east coast. we're talking about every major airport on the east coast, washington dulles, washington reagan, baltimore, philadelphia, new york city laguardia, newark as well as hartford. that's just the immediate area of the impact zone as this storm moves further inland, likely to see some of those airports shutting down operations as well or the airlines cutting back their flights. veronica, back to you. >> nbc's tom costello, thank you. >>> sandy is big enough storm to make even wall street shutter. both the new york stock exchange and nas das dak have suspended all trading today, the first time all trading has stopped since the days following the september 11th attacks. depending on how much damage sandy inflicts, markets could be closed again tomorrow. late last night exchange operators made the call to suspect all u.s. stock trading after complaints were reportedly made to the securities and exchange commission about keeping markets open, even for electronic trading. banks a
:00. back to you. >> thank you. listen, if you have had an amtrak trip scheduled tomorrow it is not happening. amtrak canceled most services. it will stop service north of new york this evening. it has not decided when train services will pick up. if you have paid for a ticket you can receive a refund or voucher for future travel. >>> there are a lot of things you can do to get ready for the storm. make sure you get gas. with any severe storm there is a possibility that you and your family might have to leave home. you want to make sure you have gas to get you to safety in case you are stalled in traffic. loss of gas station were more crowded as sandy moved closer. >> i have a tendency to run low in my car. i'm not going to do that today with weather on its way. >> getting ready for the generator and hoping for the best. >> it never hurts to check your oil and tire pressure while you are at the gas station. you don't want to end up in a situation with plenty of gas but there are other issues. >>> let's look at ocean city. they are telling residents to get out of town. espe
early today in america. about a dozen passengers suffered minor injuries when an amtrak train derailed in michigan. the passenger cars rattled off the track after an approaching train passed by. an amtrak official says the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. >>> in denver, a life was saved on camera. this calf was nonresponsive following its birth. officials say the newborn is doing just fine. >>> several hundred women in texas showed their high-heeled shows were made for more than just walking. the ladies competed in 100-yard races for the annual stiletto stampede. the guys even strapped on the pumps to show their support. the event was organized to raise money for breast cancer awareness. >>> finally, west virginia's 33rd bridge day brought out an extreme cast of characters. wow, look at that. 400 base jumpers took leaps off the 876-foot new george bridge. two of them were newlyweds who had just tied the knot 30 minutes before their jump. now for a look at your national and regional weather. here's bill karins with the weather channel forecast. that's really taking
transit, marc m.t.a. and amtrak not operating. wind restrictions in effect at bay bridge. some other area bridges will have them shortly once we get further into this storm situation. let's give you a look at traffic and we will update the area of green spring. it is wet and a lot of wet leaves coming in on the roads so that makes it more slick. later on this afternoon into this evening we will see downed trees and power lines. we will monitor the situation throughout the morning. back to you. >> 53 degrees at the airport at 4:37. still ahead more coverage of hurricane sandy. >> here is a live look at -- i believe we are going to take one. >> ocean city maybe? >> your guess is as good as mine -- there you go. there is the waves of the hamden. aplçlçéd.ñ.ñhrókññoo[ i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben
. amtrak has cancelled all northeast corridor trains. all flights at the d.c. area's three major airports are cancelled today. we're going to go to ocean city maryland, where the boardwalk, as we mentioned, received extensive damage. >> brianne carter was there throughout the storm and has been following the conditions the past couple of days. how's it looking there this morning? >> hey, brenda? >> all right we're having a little trouble catching one her right now. you can see how breezy it still is out there in ocean city. that's where we started to feel a lot of it. big storm coverage happened up in new york, and that's where they're still having majority of the problems this morning. >> a lot of video we're going to share with you. do we have that video from coney island? i understand that there are some -- there's extensive damage there. >> all right we're going to take a look at some of -- >> there we go. this is coney island. you can see just how much water there is. it's flooded. it's completely flooded. what a mess. >> and this is the
amtrak. you may not think that's a big deal, i use amtrak all the time. romney says privatizing it will save $1.2 billion. however he does it, his goal is to reduce government spending to 20% of gdp. gdp is the biggest measure of everything we produce in society, and he wants to that by the end of his first term. right now government spending is at 25% of gdp. let's shed more light on what romney's america would look like. kevin hassick is an economic adviser of mitt romney. he's also the study at american enterprises institute. my good friend christine romans is the host of "your bottom line" right here on cnn. no idealogical spin today, no using the word obama or the term democrat. just paint me a picture of what it is world looks like under romney four years from now using specifics. you can't say we'll be better, everyone will be richer. tell me everything that happens rphappens, the good and the bad, kevin, you go first. >> i commend your show really being one of the only places talking about the storm in europe. the fact is the world economy is flowing, the u.s. economy is
services for today. amtrak also has canceled almost all service on the eastern seaboard northeast. federal offices in the d.c. area are closed to the public and nearly all schools are closed for today. >> a reminder, if you find yourself on the road with power outages, any traffic lights that aren't working should be treats at four way stops. several shelters are open. you can also bring your pet but make sure you bring some pet food as well. >>> welcome back. as we continue to track hurricane sandy for you this morning. turn is standing by and he has the latest information on where it stands right now. what is the late ?eft. >> so we just got an update. maximum winds have increased to 85 miles per hour. -- what is the latest? want to show you the banding features. we've been getting rain overnight. we are starting to see the yellows and reds. you can see the outer band, outer hurricane band starting to cross the bay. this is what we'll be having to deal with during the course of the day is these banding features as the storm continues to crest toward our area. i'm afraid we'll get heavy r
cancellations and it's threatening to cause a domino effect for air travel all over the country. amtrak traveling -- causing some delays as well. but, first, we want to get a real sense of where the storm is now and what it's going to do when it makes landfall. it's marching up the east coast. >> that's right, our extreme weather team has the very latest starting with sam champion who's in battery park city, a low-lying neighborhood that's on high alert. sam? >> good morning. you can see why. if you look right behind us, all of that is new york harbor, and where we're standing right now, three feet from coming up. now, if we're expecting a four-foot storm surge, enough said. now, we'll talk a little bit about that amtrak and subway issue. roads and trains like am rank the, they're susceptible to trees down. even the new york city subway stations are a little concerned. if you're looking at three feet of water before it pops the area here, all of that water runs where? into subways. that's the biggest concern. they may have to close down buses and subways. there's a lot of weather proble
after a large truck slammed into an amtrak train. impact pushed one trains four cars off the tracks and this is in a railroad crossing. the train carrying 169 passengers and amtrak plans to use buses to shuttle those passenger autos and a search is on for two fisherman whose boat cap sized. >> happening now there are family members walking rugged beaches looking for signs of their loved ones. they searched the rocky coast where a fishing boat was hit by a wave and crashed on to the rock yesterday morning. there is another man still missing. and two men were wearing life jackets and told authorities they were not. coast guard has been searching ever since, calling it still a search not a recovery mission. family and friends have been mounting efforts hoping for any sign of the two men. >> maybe they were tired and couldn't preach the -- reach the shore, we were doing everything we can. and there is you know, big groups of people there are searches continuing this evening. >> there are authorities that believe a shooting was not random. and there is two of them have been release frtd
. an amtrak train colliding with a big rig at a railroad crossing. here's the scene. rescuers carrying passengers away. amtrak says the truck drove into the side of the train, which was traveling from oakland. it is the third time since 2008 that a train has hit a vehicle at that crossing in hanford, california. >>> and also today, an oscar shocker. the host of the 2013 academy awards will be seth macfarlane. and even he wouldn't be surprised if you don't know his name. in fact, last year, he was asked by mtv if he'd ever be running to host the oscars, he said -- >> no, not i. i would -- nobody knows who i am. >> that's not true. >> i don't think -- i think you have to, you know, at least be on a cable show first. >> not so fast. the surprise is on him. he is the creator and the voices on the animated hits "family guy," "american dad" and this summer's sleeper hit, "ted," a movie. and he showed up as the host on the season premiere of "saturday night live," showing his song and dance chops. ♪ oh my head is filled with voices ♪ ♪ and they never go away >> macfarlane says he's a bi
. it was a double trailer hauling. that's what smacked into this five-car passenger amtrak train. now initially the train didn't come off the tracks, just slightly a little bit on the front part of the train. >> okay. as you can hear we're having audio difficulties from our reporter in fresno. there were more than 20 injuries. many of those people from the bay area. and this whole journey started in oakland this morning. in fact, let's bring in nbc bay area's stephanie trong. presumably there are many bay area passengers on this train. we already know of many, don't we? >> there is one who says he was supposed to get on that train, train 712 leaving here this morning at 7:30 from this port of oakland station down to bakersfield. he says he is from orange county, and he was headed down there this morning. he missed it and decided to come back later. now he is inside that station waiting for that sky 50 train, the last one of the lines, and he is counting his blessings. >> i feel blessed. i feel like god had a hand in it, absolutely. it wouldn't do me any good to be stranded halfway between here
this was a decision that was not made lightly. we consulted with our contractors at amtrak and and we consulted with neighboring transit properties once the federal government and other agencies began shutting down. we made the decision that it was in the best interest of the mta and our employees and passengers to discontinue service today. >> all right terry owens mta thanks for your time today. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> okay. obviously not a easy decision but we want to remind you no mta service. keep that in mind as you make your plans. >>> the threat of sandy has amtrak shutting down operations. we heard it with terry owens this morning but turns out the train service has canceled trips throughout the entire northeast. so if you had plans to travel on amtrak and you paid for a ticket, they will give you a refund or a voucher for future travel. >>> over the area many of you spent the weekend preparing for the worst. >> and one area that knows how bad the flooding can be cecil county. what they are doing but there's no way to escape the rising waters. >> and as we go to break, anothe
with metro airports and amtrak. >> we'll get the latest on sandy from tucker as well. this is a live look at ocean city right now. you see the waves just kicking up out there. the rain really coming down at this hour. we'll be right back with more on hurricane sandy after this. >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we continue to track the path of hurricane sandy. this is a live look outside right now at norfolk, virginia where they are experiencing some very hard rain like many parts of the area will be experiencing throughout the day. if it is not there yet, tucker barnes says it is on the way so get ready for it. meanwhile, in annapolis. >> let's take a look at that now. this is a live picture there. you can see it kind of there on the right, the streetlights kind of illuminating the road there. you can see the rain is starting to come down. it will only continue to come down harder. issues of flooding over there close to the bay as well, don't you think, tucker. >> not today. the winds are out of the north appear northwest. the water will get blown out of the bay today. tomorrow, th
. many passengers have to pay their own hotel bill, up to $400 a night in new york. amtrak shut down the northeast corridor monday and tuesday stranding some 750,000 daily riders. officials expect subways in new york to partially open in the next few days. >> our administration will move heaven and earth to help them so we can get back up and running as quickly as humanly possible. >> reporter: the brooklyn tunnel remains filled with water and must be pumped out. >> and massive pumps used in hurricane katrina have begun to drain the opportunity el there. kennedy airport will reopen on a restricted basis today but la guardia is still under power and newark doesn't even have power. amtrak could have limited service today. as for the subways, engineers will have to inspect the 600 miles of track once the water is pumped out of there. >>> in sports, the wizards open the regular season with john wall on the bench nursing an injury. the cavs would jump to a 16- point lead. they drop the opener, 94-846789 the home opener is saturday night against the celtics. there goes your 82-0 start for
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